who are we anyway?

Worry Less is a family-run design studio, founded in 2014 and owned and operated by twin sisters Christie and Caroline.

The initial idea for the business stemmed from our passion for running and cycling and has escalated to designing products for commercial and artisan sports; whether that be swimming, cricket, marathon running, golf or ice hockey. We want to fill your home, office, desk or downstairs toilet with witty and striking products that reflect your individual character and personality.

The name of our business “Worry Less” came from our strong belief in sport driving better mental health for all. We believe that by immersing yourself in any activity, at any level you can give yourself a goal and an achievement to be the best version of yourself.

Fast forward seven years and although we are busier than ever; hundreds of orders walk, run and cycle out the door weekly, we still find some time in our workdays to get out of the door and run, cycle or walk the surrounding countryside. We have also managed to acquire two large dogs who accompany us and generally take up space in the office and lie in awkward places.

Our team has grown exponentially over the past few years to include, not only the dogs, but a dedicated team who assemble, pack and ship your orders as well as all the other boring stuff that goes on behind the scenes.

All the designs are original to Worry Less and are conjured up in our studio in the wilds of Hampshire, UK. Where possible, all products are manufactured in the UK, sustainably sourced, and packaged responsibly.

Meet the team

From L to R:⁠
Dani - Operations. She controls the heart of HQ - stock, deliveries, orders. loves a cardboard box (we bought her a box cutter for Christmas), unfazed by anything we throw at her. Makes a good cheesecake⁠

Caroline - Creative Guru (self titled), likes nothing more than to sit at a computer and make up funny phrases or rude slogans about different activities and sports.

Christie - Money and Organisation Ninja (also self-titled). Perpetually irritated by how many questions we ask her and how much money we all want to spend on stuff. ⁠

Elles - PR and Marketing. Scottish, future barrister, loves a glass or 8 and gets a bit sweary towards glass number 5, she has a way with words like no-one else. ⁠

Jacqui - Our Jacqui of all trades, lol. Jacqui is Jax Virtual Services, she basically does all the stuff we don't know how to do and some of the stuff we don't want to do. She is also our cousin and we once went backpacking together and watched her ride off on a moped with a random Greek man, Luckily she came back. Highly recommend her services if you are looking for a VA although if she is too busy, don't blame us. ⁠

Claire (not yet pictured) - the only one of the team who has actually run a marathon - we like to pick her brains about how sick she felt at certain stages and then make fun of how fit she is. Claire has made the warehouse her own (we even refer to it as Claire's Lair).